Online shopping

April 9th, 2014

My friends told me that they have interest in online shopping, they like to know where to find vouchers. I told them to checkout zealvouchers. I visited the website, it is user friendly and easy to browse. They have list of vouchers available to browse. With Internet access today, it is easy for everyone to shop online. There’s no need to queue or find parking at the mall, you can just purchase online. You just need the shopping list with your voucher codes. You can check out the featured stores namely Staples UK, 1&1 UK, Argos, Lufthansa UK, QuickQuid, Crucial UK, Philosophy UK and Travelex UK.

I find it having voucher codes are good way to shop online, we don’t need to go cut out coupon or vouchers to claim at the counter. It’s paper free and we get to save the trees. My friends want to find good bargains online, they will check out the vouchers before they make any purchase.

I love shopping and I often check out the 70% off before I make any purchase. There’s Argos 70% selected clothing, no kidding, just click on the website for more details. You can shop for your man, best friend, mom and children. They like to shop for gifts because they know Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming soon. Check out the Philosophy UK for the wide variety choice of gifts for loved ones. Products available are moisturisers, shampoo, shower gel, lip shine and more over the website.

No kidding being mommy of two boys I know it is important to shop wisely. With voucher codes available, we can shop within our budget. You just need a shopping list to wisely. I do take note of how much I spend so I don’t over spend. If you have interest online shopping, check above link.


I love being Special

March 6th, 2014

Someone ask me that is it I am special that I get invitation to go for events. Before the person asked about this question, the person asked when no invitation to her from organizer. What do you say?

Do you think you have the right to make the organiser to choose you for an event? Oh well, I think it is the organiser that choose blogger to attend the events if it matches their requirement.

I love being special because I worked for my blogs and take part in contests to win premiere movie to watch. There’s no free meal in this world!

Well my post is not against anyone here, I just feel that I am really special since the person brought it up about I am being special. I love who I am and love doing what I like. It’s kind of sad to see the person who questions me happen to feel not special at all.

What you need to do to be special?! Love yourself first!

I shared events and challenge info on my blogs, where my friends can go ahead to take part if they like. These are open events but there are terms and conditions where you need to register or RVSP to attend.

Just for your info, I am so special that when I saw her in the event which she said will extend her invite to me if she got invited plus one. But she didn’t anyway, then she asked me to follow her to guide her where is registration counter at the event. Bear in mind the registration is not near, will need to walk up escalators and stairs to reach. About 10 min to 15 minutes walking in heels.

Avene masks for you to try

March 4th, 2014

I am happy to be invited for the Avene skin care workshop, I have fun at the workshop. Now if you like to know how you can win the Avene masks with Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water click on the link.

The dermatologist that is speaker of the day, the Doc indeed explain many about the acne. He says that even you washed 5 or 6 times a day of your face you are just drying out your face. The acne will still be there, so beware don’t over washed your face. Anyway this time they have two speakers at the workshop.

Men or Women we want to have beautiful skin. It’s better to seek for treatment or advice from dermatologist if the acne severe. I haven’t been to Sunway Resort & Spa for event for a long time. The last time was two years back to attend the Avene workshop but with different speaker.

By the way I received email that I won a workshop to go but sad to say it’s not free, I need to pay a fee to attend. Mmm..they stated you are winner but then in email saying you need to pay. Other friend asking me if I have interest to join them because another partner would cost RM5 cheaper.

Together watched Lego Movie

February 13th, 2014

It was fun to watch Lego movie with son, I am glad he enjoy the movie. But I find the tickets are getting expensive. It was Monday, I brought him to watch in MBO Cinema. adult RM12, child RM9, don’t forget he likes a combo to watch in cinema. It is not cheap to raise a child today, though they are not just going to school but they also need time for other outdoor activities.

Sometimes shopping toys for him too, I would be checking if the price is affordable. Last week I bought him a toy it looks like Lego but it’s not, it’s building robot type of toys. I am glad he able to assemble it all by himself. He loves Lego bricks very much, he has interest to attend Lego bricks classes but I can’t afford.

He has a younger brother who needs to go kindergarten next year, I plan to let him go this year but the fee for kindergarten is costly. Kids clothing are expensive too, I need to purchase son new set of uniform pants. I think it would cost roughly RM80.

Anyway to reduce stress, I did some shopping for myself namely blouse and bag within my budget.

How about you?

Tuition Center or Online e-learning

January 27th, 2014

Being mommy of two boys, I know that soon my toddler will be going for kindergarten. There’s still time to search for suitable kindergarten for him. As for my eldest he’s going for tuition center because he’s poor in many subjects. I inquiry a few tuition centers apparently some asking for so much money. I am not working so I can’t afford to let him go expensive tuition center or home tuition.

I decided to choose a tuition center that’s not far away from school, it is walking distance to his school. They are many students that sign up at this tuition center. The other day a man walked up to me saying he’s offering  online e-learning to pupil in school.

He’s happy at the tuition center, and they provide lunch and tea break. Another center I inquiry, they do provide but everything is about money, the asking money for lunch and tea break. Yeah nothing is free in this world, everything needs money.

Anyway it’s Chinese New Year soon, I have no interest to purchase lanterns to decorate home so I made the lanterns and horse by myself. I have use red packet to create and hang it at my house. I love it, it’s made by love from me, nobody can purchase it.

Two movies in a week

December 19th, 2013

I am happy to tell you that I have good time this week. Yeah I won two passes to watch Hobbit 2 with my son, then 47 Ronin with my classmate. It is indeed a wonderful week, I am happy that I have got good time with my loved. Haven’t seen my classmate for long time, she said it was a year!

She asked me if she slim down, my answer was YES. I asked her if I put on weight, her answer YES. We have good laugh through out the dinner in Tropicanal City Mall. It is my second time to the mall with her, yeah second time to watch movie with her in this mall. She’s lucky always watch 3D movies with me. Last movie if not mistake it was seven zombie animation Paranorman.

It’s going to be Jan 2014 soon, don’t forget to join my giveaway in . Click on the link to find out!

Tomorrow is son last day in Holiday classes, after the holiday class, he has another class to go.


Ninja professional blender

August 12th, 2013

Recently I took part in baking and it is my first baking experience. I fall in love with baking with my son. Talking of baking we can never left out a good blender. With Internet access we can check out Ninja professional blender check out the website you can see they have Top 3 Reviews from buyers.

My friends are moving to their new home and I am thinking which blender is suitable for them. They have two young children and they told me that they can’t spend lot of time in the kitchen. They need to watch their children. I know it’s not easy to cook and watch children at the same time. I suggest them to check on the products online before making decision on product to purchase.

The Ninja Kitchen brand has been around since 2009, they have many satisfied customers. You can look up above website for suitable blender. It is not just about the cost, but the weight and performance of the blender. Don’t forget the longevity!

I need a new blender because I bought one recently which failed to function well, it didn’t blend excellent result. In fact there are signs cracks after a few usages! I didn’t want to danger the life of my family, I throw it away! Nobody in family dare to use the cracked blender.

Esse gives back 2013, a charity art sale event

July 13th, 2013

Esse Gives Back is a one day “Nature” themed charity art sale event. The event encourages children all over the world to participate by creating an artwork about nature. These amazing young artists, ages from 3 to 16 years old, painted their love for nature into these artworks. The artworks are submitted from as far away as USA and South Africa, to Hong Kong, China, Australia, Singapore and also from Malaysia.

All the artworks are painted by children, for children. The proceeds from sales of the artwork will be donated to SHELTER – Home for Children in Malaysia. SHELTER is a registered welfare organization in Malaysia that has been in existence since 1981 to help abused, abandoned, neglected or at-risk children. They provide care and education to them and raise public awareness on issues such child abuse and child protection.

[Invitation card to Public to come] You may refer to the above. :D

Good day to you.  We would like to to extend our gratitude to invite you [and your friend] to ESSE Gives back charity on 19 July, at Annexe Gallery, Central Market. 11:00 am till 7:00 pm

Please feel free to extend the invitation to your esteemed organization to support us by distributing out this invitation to all your corporate or VIPs members, those are keen to do charity and participating for this meaningful event.

Also, you may view the 100 paintings and purchase them online prior to the event day or just attend the auction at 4pm on 19 July, at Annexe Gallery.

Of course, you’re cordially invited to attend this cheerful event on 19 July and really appreciate if you could RSVP and support the event via

Shelterhome website :

Pictures of the paintings :

Photos of Nadia Heng visiting Shelter Home :

Photos of the painting :

Cheras, Leisure Mall

July 6th, 2013

Tomorrow will be my first time to go Cheras Leisure Mall, I have been there once for than ten years that. I am happy going there again to meet my friends and continue with the last Challenge of the day for Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice. My dear will bring me go but he needs to go near KLCC so, I am alone in mall while waiting him to fetch me home. I suggest that he brings kids and sister-in-law to my bro’s place but it will be tiring for him.

Today is his birthday, this afternoon we heading to his cousin house because baby full moon.

I hope know how to go Leisure Mall next time because yesterday was an event which I missed out because I don’t know how to go there by car.


Haze so bad in Selangor

June 24th, 2013

The haze is so bad in Selangor, I cannot go out I can feel itchy on my hand. I didn’t go out today, we have out windows closed shut because we don’t want to risk our life. Schools are closed today, tomorrow we are not sure.

I check online the schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor may closed due to haze condition. I don’t want to risk my son’s life, it’s very bad haze how can he goes to school? I need to purchase better mask for him and loved ones to use.

We can feel the heat once get outside, yeah it is burning feeling and sauna. The smell of smokes irritating my lungs!