Shopping for loved ones

October 17th, 2014

My friends and I have interest to shop for loved ones, we are looking at GiftsBunker. I got to know this from my friend, she likes to use coupon because it’s convenient and fast for her. I like using online shopping as I find it convenient and fast for me, I don’t have to go finding parking or stuck in jam to the mall. Now with Internet access, I can shop from my cozy home or office.

I visited the website and find it user friendly and easy to browse. My friends love coupon codes, I am sure she will find lots of gift ideas from there. Being mommies, we know that we need to shop within our budget. We always seek for coupon codes and discount offers. Gift ideas I have in mind would be jewelry, shoes or bags for the ladies and for man it would be clothing and shoes too. I know my man needs new pair of shoes for going to work.

Kids will be clothing as I know little girls like to be part of fashion, from head to toe. If not about gift ideas, dining in a restaurant will be nice too. I spotted restaurant coupons available in this website. Next month is my birthday, I wonder what my dear’s going to surprise me with.

Online coupons and free shipping

September 29th, 2014

Besides blogging, I love to share things with my friends. Recently friend told me of Backcountry, this is where you can find online coupons and free shipping. Christmas just few months away, my friend started to plan a list to shop for her loved ones. Being a mommy I know it’s important to shop within our budget, we love online coupons and free shipping. Always check on their terms and conditions for more details.

I visited the website and find it user friendly and easy to browse. I will inform my friends about this online coupons and free shipping. They don’t have time to find online coupons, being a friend I am happy to share her info on online shopping. She likes to shop for bags, she has bags collection closet. No kidding bags are parts of fashion accessories that can never go wrong. I like bags too, I have few bags collection and I know I love having bags and shoes. Being a woman, a pair of shoes can never be enough, we have heels to go dinner.

Talking about shopping, I need to find a good deal to shop jacket for my man. He’s having one jacket it’s not enough, during rainy days it is harder to dry the jacket.

Online shopping deals on clothing

September 26th, 2014

My friends and I love shopping, recently my friend told me about an online shopping deals on clothing. Being a woman, we can never shop enough clothes for ourselves. Just check out, I find the website is user friendly and easy to browse. Being mommy I know that is important to shop based on budget, I didn’t want so spend more than I have. It is important to check on the deals before making purchase. I find it useful to use the voucher codes to shop, you can save money from there.

I don’t shop only for my clothing also for my kids, my family members and my husband. Online shopping is convenient and there’s no need to queue at counter or hard time to find parking. I hate waiting in the mall, there was time I need to sit in car an hour just to find parking. My friends like to shop online as they have online stores that provide free delivery when they shop a certain amount online.

I like to check for online clothing deals because sometimes I can get better offer online than any other places. I am happy to have friends that share the same interest as me.


Checking online coupon codes

September 4th, 2014

My friends and I love shopping, we love to hunt for online coupon codes. Recently she is planning for her wedding, it’s going to be a big day. She has many things that she needs to purchase, I asked her to check Homeclick. I found this website user friendly and easy to browse. She didn’t have time to go places to check and prefer to do online checking from her office or home.

It’s fun shopping online for loved ones, I have interest to shop for kids apparel and back to school items for my kids. I hate to queue at the cashier to wait for my turn. Parking at the mall is terrible as I always need to wait for parking, there was time I waited nearly an hour for a car park slot.

What I like about online shopping, there are clearance that we can find good deal to shop. Being mommy of two boys I know it is important to save money and shop only with what we needs. Who doesn’t like to shop during sale or use coupon codes to shop? We can save plenty of money from there. Shop wisely because you know every single cent is hard to earn.

Use coupon to save money

August 1st, 2014

My friends told me that she has interest to find online coupon, I told her to check out CouponDivvy! I like to visit online website to find info than I let my friends know about it.  You can find coupons from everything you need from head to toe, home decor or outdoor, even garden from this website. My dad too is looking for gardening coupon as my sister-in-law has interest to plant some vegetables.

My friends want to know if they have everything they needed because going places to find coupons are tiring. I know just how they feel about this. There’s no worry at all, as I find most website has the side bar with the info of categories of Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Cosmetics, Home & Garden, Home Decor, Outdoor Gear, Photo, Safety & Security, Shoes, Sports, Virtual Malls, Virtual Care, Web Hosting, and Wireless. I like it when I can find everything I need under one roof, I don’t have to go further to find.

I love sharing info on online shopping or online coupons with my friends. They have interest to know as they didn’t have time to go shopping. They prefer to find everything they need in their office. I know the way they feel, with Internet access today we have the benefit of finding resources and info we need from there.

My friend’s neighbor has interest to find out info on Home Security Plan, it would be great for him to check Safety & Security, his house was entered by robbers not long ago. When we are out to work I am sure we need home security as we want to be back home to see it safe. There’s no place like home, I always like the feeling of home sweet home. It doesn’t matter it is first home or second home.


Buying car for career

July 31st, 2014

My friend has interest to purchase car as he’s going to find job after college. I know how important to find suitable cars for a career. I found something to read, all we love of cars don’t forget to read on no credit check financing on cars. I find it hard for me to go destinations without a car. Talking of cars, I have a friend that purchased car without test drive the car first. As for me, I do a test drive, that I know if the car is good for me. Not all the cars are suitable for me.

I think he went a few banks to check if he’s eligible to purchase a car. I suggest a new car if you afford, if you can’t you opt for second hand car. My friend chosen a new car for his sales career to go places and after few years he decided time to change car. Having a car is fantastic you go places any time, any where you want. There’s no need to wait someone to pick you up, or take you go the places. You never know if anyone are going to be running late.

About financing on cars, it depends on how much you want to finance. Talking of cars my dear still need to pay his car loans for many years. With many cars option available you choose to purchase local cars or imported cars. My friend decided to purchase imported car because the design and the car accessories that attracted him. Test drive is good way to find out the car suitable for you or not. Though everyone has budget on purchase the car, take your time to find out car you are going to purchase as you wouldn’t want to spend years changing cars unless you afford doing it.


Shop favourite products online

July 22nd, 2014

Who doesn’t like shopping? It’s going to be Raya soon and everybody is busy with Raya shopping for fashion or things for their loved ones. Raya is celebrate not only in Malaysia but in many other countries. With Internet access we can use it for online shopping, check out this site for the available coupon. I found this website it’s user friendly and easy to browse, many brands available on this website. My friends are newborn baby, they are new to parenting and they like to stick with be with each other to take care of their newborn baby.

They are taking many photos with their newborn baby, I am sure they will have interest to check out the snapfish photobook discount code. I found some parents using the posters photo for family. I find it nice and this website has got the Popular CVS photo poster, they have 40% discount if you use their code online to purchase.

I love to have photos to keep for memory, sometimes I forgot to print them out and my computer hard dish damage I not able to retrieve my precious photos. Now with Internet access, we can choose to print them online. Check out the website they have Top CVS photo that provide 50 Free prints for 12 cents. You can get 50 4×6 prints for just 12 cents each at CVS Photo. The minimum 50 prints required! I am sure you know with many photos capture 50 photos are easy to get.

I have friends that told me that they will have family photos once a year, they will dress up nicely to take many photos. They like use coupon codes online to print photos as they find it cheaper. I haven’t inform them about the available brands on the website are namely Snapfish, CVS Photo, Shutterfly, Walgreens Photo, UPrinting, Canvas Lifestyle, Zenfolio, Overnight Prints, MyPublisher and Mixbook. If you have interest to print photo online, check out this website.

Luxury bags

June 28th, 2014

It’s my second time attend fashion brand event, you can check out my post on the event I attended at I like the first fashion event that I attended, it’s more fun and more to see. The second event I attended for luxury bags, not many bags to see and they are limited. Not just that the PR asking blogger to shopping?! No kidding, I never encounter an event that PR would ask their media to shop.

It’s up to individual whether they want to shop or not in the shop as you know it’s luxury brand not everyone can afford to purchase. Not just that I think it’s many things put to consideration as a parent, I rather put the money for my kids education than spending the money on them. We need to know what’s our needs and wants, we can’t have everything at the same time.

I am thankful having friends that support and knowing what I do is right. Kids education are not cheap, so about education I am happy to say there’s a workshop that my son will be attending on next Sunday. It’ll be fun as other mommies that I know will bring their children to go.

Krabi island, 3D/2N

June 4th, 2014

Woot! I have got 1st day itinerary that’s cooking class, then 2nd day day to Phi Phi Island for snokerling, then last day would be yoga class.

It’s my first time to win such Grand Prize, and I get to enjoy this trip with nine other ladies. Yeah they too won this vacation together. We’ll enjoy ourselves so much, we get each room for each person. So there’s no need to wait other to finish their business.

Looking forward this vacation so badly, yeah I really need one. I am mummy which love to pamper myself. I will enjoy 1 hour massage too, I mean Thai massage.

I am not sure how’s the massage is like as I haven’t try any of Thai massage. Last year we head to Hatyai, Thailand by bus. We didn’t even try their bird nest or shark fin soup. They are famous of foot massage too!

About shopping, I don’t know what will attraction me, but I am sure I will need to learn to bargain for a best price! I hope my I can get great deal on shopping with lowest price. I was told that they will say highest price to sell their items.:(

Online shopping

April 9th, 2014

My friends told me that they have interest in online shopping, they like to know where to find vouchers. I told them to checkout zealvouchers. I visited the website, it is user friendly and easy to browse. They have list of vouchers available to browse. With Internet access today, it is easy for everyone to shop online. There’s no need to queue or find parking at the mall, you can just purchase online. You just need the shopping list with your voucher codes. You can check out the featured stores namely Staples UK, 1&1 UK, Argos, Lufthansa UK, QuickQuid, Crucial UK, Philosophy UK and Travelex UK.

I find it having voucher codes are good way to shop online, we don’t need to go cut out coupon or vouchers to claim at the counter. It’s paper free and we get to save the trees. My friends want to find good bargains online, they will check out the vouchers before they make any purchase.

I love shopping and I often check out the 70% off before I make any purchase. There’s Argos 70% selected clothing, no kidding, just click on the website for more details. You can shop for your man, best friend, mom and children. They like to shop for gifts because they know Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming soon. Check out the Philosophy UK for the wide variety choice of gifts for loved ones. Products available are moisturisers, shampoo, shower gel, lip shine and more over the website.

No kidding being mommy of two boys I know it is important to shop wisely. With voucher codes available, we can shop within our budget. You just need a shopping list to wisely. I do take note of how much I spend so I don’t over spend. If you have interest online shopping, check above link.